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Beginner Curling Tips


Be very careful how you walk on the ice. You will find it very slippery until you get used to it. Even experienced curlers can take the odd tumble. The secret is to relax and avoid hitting the ice with your head!

Curling stones must never be carried or lifted, although a stone may be raised while delivering it. Usually they are moved with the broom and only turned on edge for a wipe clean with the hand prior to delivery.

Make sure your shoes are clean, as little particles of dirt can make the ice surface dangerous. Curlers wear special curling shoes - never wear street shoes on the ice. The running of curling stones is also affected by dirt and "picks" can result, where the stone turns abruptly from the intended target and quickly stops.

When pushing the stones to the parking area after an end has been completed, make sure that no-one is in the way. Park the stone gently. To move a stone, use your feet, or preferably a brush to propel the stone properly to the required place.


Ice rinks are always cold. Make sure you have enough warm clothes, especially when learning, although vigorous sweeping can soon warm up a curler, and it is not unusual to find some in short sleeves!

It is important to have well fitting, comfortable and warm curling shoes, although beginners can use trainers with a detachable slider (obtainable at the Club). If you suffer from cold feet, wear an extra pair of socks or even long johns!

Curling trousers should be of a stretch material or be loose enough to cause no restriction in the delivery slide.

Always make sure your footwear is absolutely clean before stepping on the ice - use the boot cleaners provided.

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