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Mixed Friday & Saturday

League Details

Friday /Saturday Mixed League Start Times: Friday at 7PM or 9PM, Saturday at 1PM, 3PM and 5PM. Sunday Mixed LeagueStart Times: 1PM and 3PM. The season starts the weekend of  October 4, 5, and 6, 2019 and ends in early April, 2020.


The Friday/Saturday Mixed League consists of 4 Divisions, (A, B, C, and D ) with 3 draws/rounds (Sept, Dec., and Feb.)   Each draw consists of 8 teams with 7 games, therefore we play 21 games total.. Games are played on Friday at either 7PM or 9PM, or  1PM, 3PM, or 5PM on Saturday. Teams are seeded in the fall based on their position from the previous season. New teams may be added to the D Division, at the descretion of the convenor, and are afforded the opportunity to move up to the other Divisions.  At the end of each round or draw, with exception of A Div., the top two teams in the standings move up a division and the bottom two teams drop down a division with the exception of D division where there is no movement downward unless a new Division is added. The standings in each round/draw are determined by affording 2 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. Makeup games may be arranged if ice is available. Within the league there exists ample opportunity to register as a curling spare. A Spares List may be found on the Curling Club Website. Any paid member of the RCMP Curling Club may spare for any league, Non members will be assessed a nominal fee payable at the bar. Club Bylaws require that the skip and vice on each team be of opposite gender in the Mixed Leagues. Exceptional circumstances concerning the lineup must be agreed upon by both teams before commencement of play or by the Mixed League convener. There is no age requirement in this league.

The contact for this League is Lynn or Fred Pratt. Email: f.l.pratt@rogers.com. 

The Sunday Mixed League curling will be at 1PM and 3PM. They have a slightly different format, but the curling year is the same duration, with 21 games played.

The contact person for this league is Carole Adam. Email: paul_carole@videotron.ca

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